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Studio Rules

Basic building rules

Only Students signed up for the designated time may remain in the classroom. All other students/parents may observe through the viewing window or sit in the common area at the entrance of the building. RMDC is not responsible for supervising students who are outside of the class room. Please keep in mind the VAF is home to other businesses.  All visitors must keep respectable behavior while in the building. No running or screaming in the hallways will be tolerated by those other businesses.

Please arrive in enough time to change into attire before class. If a student arrives 15 minutes late they will not be allowed to participate but may observe. Bathrooms are available for changing near the entrance of the building. Please keep your belongings confined to your dance bag in the designated space inside the studio. Students are accountable for their belongings not the teachers. No food is allowed in the studio. You may bring a water bottle labeled with your name.

Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor!  We have a custom made floor which is made for dance shoes only. Street shoes can have rough edges, and carry gravel or water from outside, which can damage the floor. If ANYONE (parent, student, family member or guest) is caught walking on the dance floor with street shoes they will be subject to a $150 fine. NO exceptions! Proper dance floors are very expensive and we need to treat them carefully so they can last for years to come. If you need to cross the floor for any reason and do not have dance shoes, you may cross barefoot or with socks.


Student and parents

We want all of our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We ask both students and parents to follow our behavior rules.

Pay attention to your teacher. Students must treat their teacher and classmates with respect and work to follow along in class. The purpose of class is not solely to talk with your friends. Teachers have the responsibility to to keep their classroom under control and have the authority to dismiss any student who is not cooperating. If a student is asked to sit out or leave the classroom due to misconduct, they will not be reimbursed for that class.  

It is at the teachers full discretion on wether a student is ready for a particular class/level.  

Students build on proper technical training, teamwork and behavior at each level. If a student moves up a level before they are ready, they're at a higher risk for injury, loose confidence and are unable to keep up with the class.   This is unfair to the entire class. Not every student advances at the same rate and that is perfectly normal. Group and individual technique classes are available for all students looking to further their skills.  If a student is physically ready to move up a level but lacks proper behavior, the student will not move up. If a student has moved up a level but has shown poor behavior, they will be move down a level until they are ready. 

Class Attire

For all dance styles

Attire is available to order through us! Make it easier on yourself and take the guess work out of ordering the correct brands, colors and sizes. 

*Students must present a polished look for each class. NO baggy shirts allowed for any classes. Shirts can fly up, causing students not to dance full out for fear of being exposed. Leotards properly cover students while also allowing them freedom for movement. Any student who is not properly dressed for their class will not be allowed to dance, no exceptions. However, students may sit and watch their class.  Improper attire can be a distraction for the student and may leave them unable to perform certain moves properly. NO jewelry is allowed for safety reasons as it can fall off, get stepped on, or catch on hair and clothing. NO dance shoes should be worn outside. Wearing dance shoes outside can cause damage to the soles and carry gravel which will damage our dance floor. (Resulting in a $150 fine)

Students will be required to order shoes and tights through RMDC for all performances.  All students must wear the same shoes and tights on picture day and recital. Students will be sized for shoes during their first class.  We properly size our students for the correct shoe size and won't damage our custom dance floors. All Ballet students must wear the proper Ballet shoes and tights to class.  


A bun is mandatory for all Ballet classes. For all other classes hair must be pulled away from the face and off the back of the neck in either a bun, ponytail or french braid. Boys who have longer hair must also keep their hair back away from their face.


FEMALES - Students must wear our Ballet tights and shoes to class.  Leotards are required for all Ballet Classes. No t-shirts, tank tops or shorts are allowed.

MALES-  Wear black tights, dance leggings or dance shorts (long bicycle shorts). White ballet shoes with white socks for beginners. White form fitting shirts,  short-sleeve or sleeveless. A White Hanes shirt is acceptable as long as its not too baggy. (all above can be ordered thought us)


JAZZ/TAP/CONTEMP/LYRICAL (F) - Leotards and proper shoes must be worn. NO t-shirts or tank tops are allowed! Students wear Dark Tan Jazz tights.  Booty shorts or leggings are acceptable.

JAZZ /TAP/CONTEMP/LYRICAL (M)- Form fitting shirt any color. Jazz pants or dance leggings (preferably black) with the proper shoes for each class. 

HIP-HOP (F)-  Students may wear any of the above styles, Any pants must be tight at the waist so nothing falls down. Leotards  or sports bras and crop tops are allowed.

HIP-HOP (M) - T-shirt with shorts or  pants. (nothing to baggy that will fall down)

CHRISTIAN DANCE (F)- Leotards, Tights, Dance skirts and lyrical shoes is the desired look.  

CHRISTIAN DANCE (M) Form fitting t-shirt  can be sleeveless or shirtsleeve. Black shorts dance pants.

Students may wear proper warm-ups during the beginning of class and during the colder months


Schedules & options

There is a $25 registration fee per family at the beginning of each Fall session.  

We have made class sign-up online for your convenience. To register for a class you must do so online through the RMDC Portal. All tuition will be posted to accounts on the 1st of each month. Parents are able to log-in and make their payments during the first 7 days of each month. If your tuition has not been paid by the 7th, your account will acquire a $15 late fee on the 8th. All students that have not paid after the first two weeks of the month will not be allowed to participate in class, but may sit and observe until their fees have been paid. We highly recommend parents enroll

in Auto-pay to avoid any unwanted late fees. Auto-Pay will only charge you for the tuition amount you are signed up for with a 2.75%  processing fee. You can change your card/account information at any time. If your payment is unable to be processed due to incorrect card information or your removal of card information, there will be a $15 late fee added to your account. Please note we do not accept checks.

If you would like to drop a class or be removed from auto-pay, written notification is required from you. Once we have received written confirmation (by email) that you would like to opt out of auto-pay/ be removed from a class, your account will be adjusted immediately. We must be notified before the 1st of the month if a student is dropping a class and does not want to be charged. We do not refund tuition if a student decides to drop a class after the 1st of the month.

Students who miss class will not be reimbursed for their absence, however, they may drop in to any age/level appropriate class within one month of their missed class. If class is canceled due to inclement weather the student may drop-in to any age/level appropriate class within 1 month of the classes canceled date. Classes that fall on Holidays will not be made up or reimbursed.


If you have not signed up for class online and want to take a class, there is a  "Drop-In Fee" of $15 paid up front. Drop-In Fees are paid by cash or paid to our PayPal account ( Please show receipt of your payment by phone/tablet before entering class.

Class discounts will be available for military families and veterans! Military families will need to submit proof for the discount to

Costume payments will be due November through January. If you do not pay for your costume during this time, your costume will not be ordered. Costume Payments can be made in full or split into 3 monthly payments. When filling out the Costume Order Form, you may select to have the Costume payment added to your Auto-pay for those three months for your convenience.

There will be a recital package fee of $75 per family.

Picture day is Mandatory. All students must be present for group photos, individual photos are optional.  It is not mandatory to pay for a picture unless you want one.



June 2021

If a student is signed up for a performance class, their participation in recital is MANDATORY!  Students work hard for months with their classmates so they can shine on stage. Together as a class, students work on different formations, partner work, and timing. If one student does not commit to a performance it can cause an entire class to fumble certain parts of their dance and ultimately can cause a negative experience for the other students. This is unfair to the other students and parents who paid for that class and will not be tolerated. If you do not participate in mandatory events such as picture day, dress rehearsal or recital, you will not be allowed to join us for the following dance year. If signed up for classes but have decided you will not be participating in recital, we must be informed by the time we order your classes costume.


Backstage Guidelines


Only parents who have previously signed up for volunteer positions may be backstage. All parents must check-in their student backstage and then go to the auditorium. Children will not be allowed to leave the backstage area until their parent has check-out the student. There are several kids backstage and we must make sure all are accounted for and safe.

Your child must arrive stage ready.  If they are not stage ready by our guidelines, they will not be going onstage. NO exceptions. Stage makeup, proper hair and costuming is mandatory!

Bring all costumes in your own garment bag.

Label everything from shoes, tights, costumes, headpieces etc.

NO nail polish is allowed for recital or picture day.

NO food can be eaten while wearing your costume.

NO pictures or video is allowed during performances. This is not only distracting to the other audience members but greatly distracting to our performers on stage!  Videos and photos are allowed at dress rehearsal only!

NO shouting out names or phrases during the performances. Applauding is always allowed and a standing ovation is the ultimate goal. "Bravo" is the appropriate word.

Turn off all cell phones while in the auditorium.

NO critiquing the dancers on stage! Their family members may be right next to you.

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