The Company

Reigning Motion Dance Company is located in Cherry Hill Village and home to the newly renovated Village Arts Factory. Our convenient location is within walking distance for many neighborhoods in the surrounding area. We are also very excited to be located just steps away from the Cherry Hill Village Theater.

We offer the largest variety of dances classes throughout the area! Education from the dance world is vast and we want to give our students the opportunity to explore it. 

Reigning Motion strives to inspire its students to find their inner dancer, connect with the music and perform! As students learn their desired art form they will also learn to connect their heart and soul in hopes of becoming a true performer.  We have decades of  performing and teaching experience that we are eager to pass on to our students. We stress the importance of proper technique and treat the advancement of our students seriously. Our students learn more than just a dance number, they learn how to perform with heart, technique, discipline, dedication and team work allowing them to REIGN on stage!