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Competition Team

Our Competitive Team is for students who not only love to dance but are looking for more of a challenge than our recreational classes. Team members will be asked to make a true commitment to their classes and competition dates. All students will be required to dance two days a week and take the classes listed for their age group below. 

All classes listed below are a required base for each group. Any additional classes will build on the foundation of their base classes. 



$15 Fee

Auditions have passed. If you would like a spot on our competitive team,  please contact usl

Mini's (4-6yrs)

Team members are required to dance two days a week.  No audition is required for this age group, but must have a teacher recommendation to join.

Required classes: - Tiny Tutus- 60min
                                   (Ballet/Gymanstics combo class)
                                   -Competition Jazz- 30min

                                   -Optional Competition Tap - 30min
                                   -Optional Solo - 30 min.


PETITE'S 6-8 yrs

Mini team members are required to dance two days a week.

Required classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Acro. If students make the Acro
                                   competition group they will be requir
ed to take an
                                   additional gymnastics class (non-performance). 


Team members ages 9+  are required to dance two to three days a week.

Required classes: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and/or Lyrical, Gymnastics and/or Acro.

                                 If students make the Acro competition group, they will also be required to
                                take a gymnastics class.

Competition Dance Classes in Canton, MI.

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