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Competition Team

Our Competitive Team is for students who not only love to dance but are looking for more of a challenge than our recreational classes. Team members will be asked to make a true commitment to their classes and competition dates. All students will be required to dance two days a week and take the classes listed for their age group below. 

All classes listed below are a required base for each group. Any additional classes will build on the foundation of their base classes. Students are not required to take anymore classes than the list below, but are certainly welcome too.



Held in June. Date TBD

$15 Fee

Pre-Competition Team (4-5yrs)

Team members are required to dance two days a week.  No audition is required for this age group.

Required classes: Tiny Tutus- 45min
                                   (Ballet/Gymanstics combo class)
                                   Kinder Tap/Jazz- 45min

                                   Competition Class- 30min


MINI'S 6-8 yrs

Mini team members are required to dance two days a week.

Required classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Acro. If students make the acro
                                   competition group they will be required to take an

                                   additional gymnastics class.


Team members ages 9+  are required to dance two-three days a week.

Required classes: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical or Contemporary, Gymnastics and/or Acro
                                  (Our Gymnastics class is a non- performance class
                                   geared towards each individual. Students will also
                                   focus on conditioning.)

Competition Dance Classes in Canton, MI.

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