Class Attire  

A dress code not only honors ballet and dance tradition but is functional too. Attire can be purchased in our studio!

*Official attire for Tiny Tutus class*

Ballet Attire.png

Hair in a clean bun is the required look for all Ballet Classes. Ponytails and french braids are acceptable for other dance styles.

Leotards are form fitting and allow the the teacher to spot incorrect posture, while providing a uniform look. (For all classes but hip-hop)

Our Prima Pink Tights blend in with our ballet slippers creating long lines. Our Dark Jazz Tights can be worn for all other styles of dance.

Ballet Skirts are highly 

recommended for class. Skirts help show improper alignment of the waist and create a beautiful look. 

When a dancer looks the part, it gives them more confidence.

*Tutus (not skirts) are required for our Tiny Tutus Class*

Tiny TuTus.png

ALL BOYS wear white form fitting shirts, short-sleeve or sleeveless.(white required for beginning/int. ballet, 

black for advanced.) Other colors are fine for all other classes.

Black bottoms such as shorts, tights or leggings are required for all ballet classes. Black dance pants may be worn for other styles.

White socks and white ballet shoes for beginning Ballet. Black Ballet shoes for above levels.

HIP-HOP Dancers can wear any clothing thats easy to move around in. 


Female students should wear sports bras or leos under crop tops, or any other shirt that could fly up.

Any loose fitting bottoms should still be secure at the waist. 


You can not wear your regular street shoes that are worn outside. Street shoes carry gravel which can damage our dance floors. Any shoes chosen for hip-hop can NOT be worn outside.